sulcata tortoise

Species:      Sulcata

Sex:              Female

Length:       8-10 inches

Diet:             grass, vegetation, fruits

Shipping:    Yes


Sulcata tortoises are herbivorous, grazing tortoises that need a high-fiber, low-protein diet. This can be provided by feeding a variety of grasses and hays (comprising at least 75 percent of their diet), along with some edible weeds and flowers, such as dandelions, clover, endive, and cactus pads.


  • They Are Also Known As “Spur Thighs” Which Comes From The Elongated Scales On Their Front Legs That They Use To Dig And Push Dirt Out Of Their Burrows
  • Originating From The Sub-Saharan Regions Of Africa
  • These Tortoises Come From The Dry Grasslands Of Africa Thriving Best In Those Conditions
  • With Proper Care And A Well Maintained Diet These Can Live Up To 70 Years At A Time
  • These Are Great Personable Tortoises That Really Become Part Of The Family


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