Baby Sulcata tortoise

Species: Sulcata

Sex: Unsexed

Length: 2-4 inches

Diet: grass, vegetation, fruit, prepared diet

Shipping: Yes


Baby african spurred tortoise for sale

Baby african spurred tortoise for sale are some of the most popular species of tortoise for sale in the world.  Growing quickly and producing a high quantity of eggs per clutch, a baby Sulcata tortoise is also affordable.  When compared to other species of baby tortoises for sale, the Sulcata is usually less expensive.  Here at, we’ve got some beautiful captive-bred African Sulcata tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Tortoise town offers baby Sulcata hatchlings, well-started babies, juveniles and adults.  Lastly, all of our tortoises are 100% captive bred, and never wild-caught.  Our baby Sulcata for sale are literally the nicest in the entire country!

African Spurred tortoise for sale

If you’re looking for a baby spurred tortoise for sale, tortoise town is your spot!  Most importantly, all of our baby African spurred tortoises come with our live arrival guarantee.  Secondly, all of our baby Sulcata tortoises also come with our full health guarantee. With a real animal Biologist, ON-SITE, shop with confidence that your new African Sulcata tortoise for sale will arrive bright-eyed, healthy and active.

Baby Sulcata tortoises for sale

In addition, all of our baby African spurred tortoise for sale come with all the free support you need to learn proper care.  Also, not all baby Sulcata tortoise hatchlings for sale are the same! Here at TT, we do not offer “b grade” or “c grade” Sulcata tortoises like most other online Sulcata tortoise breeders!    Yes if you are searching for a cheap Spurred tortoise, or a baby Sulcata we have the best baby tortoise prices online as well!

Sulcata tortoise hatchlings for sale

    Sulcata tortoises for sale are sometimes referred to as African spurred,  and just spurred tortoises. As recently as a few decades ago Sulcata tortoises were rare in the United States.  However, they have shown an amazing ability to adapt to various climates and habitats in captivity.  This, coupled with their low cost combined with a curious personality make them very popular large tortoises that are commonly sought after by first-time tortoise owners.  Sulcatas have great personalities and can make great additions to any reptile family.  Keep in mind, however, that these guys get big.  If you are in an area where you need to bring your new tortoise indoors during the winter, consider a smaller species.  Slightly smaller African tortoise species include the leopard tortoise and the Giant South African leopard tortoise.

baby Sulcata for sale

Tortoise Town has a fantastic African Sulcata tortoise care section as well as Sulcata tortoise diet information.  If you’re looking for baby Sulcata tortoise habitat or Sulcata tortoise enclosure information, visit our care section.  It is a good idea to do your Sulcata tortoise care-related research prior to purchasing your new baby Sulcata tortoise for sale.

Sulcata tortoise for sale

In nature, we can find the Sulcata anywhere in Sub-Saharan African including the most sparse areas.

African Sulcata tortoise Lifespan: 

Did you know that the Sulcata tortoise lives anywhere from 80-100 years?  A long-lived animal, the African Spurred tortoise will possibly outlive its’ owners.  For this reason it is imperative that you consider this when making your purchase.  The tort will also grow quite large, within 4-5 years and therefore its’ adult size need be considered when building out the habitat.

Baby Sulcata Size:

A very large tortoise, the African Sulcata is the 3rd largest in the world growing from 24 to 30 inches.  Sudanese tortoises actually get even larger with some reaching 36″!

Sulcata tortoise for sale

Often with an African spurred tortoise, males are much larger than female Spurred tortoises for sale. The adult male Sulcata tortoise has a deep concavity in the posterior half of plastron.  Also, the male African Spurred tortoise has long, thin tails tipped by a horny curving spur. Secondly, female Sulcata tortoise for sale has a more rounded appearance.  Because female Sulcata tortoises have features that are not so exaggerated and a short, blunt tail. Also, adult Sulcata tortoises’ carapace is a uniform brown. Lastly, the plastron, head, and limbs are a uniform yellowish. In contrast, juvenile Sulcata for sale have a pale yellow carapace with brown on the scutes, a yellow-white plastron and lighter areoles on the carapace plates.

baby Sulcata tortoise for sale – habitat: 

Due to their large size, housing a baby Sulcata tortoise inside can be quite impractical once it is full grown. Please consider this carefully prior to purchasing. Here at Tortoise Town, we believe the most useful form of indoor tortoise habitat for a Sulcata tortoise hatchling is a tortoise table.  We offer a full complete tortoise habitat kit, available here. A reasonable size for a Spurred hatchling is 2 foot by 2 foot, however, Sulcata tortoise hatchlings will outgrow this very quickly (at 3 years old they can exceed 12 inches).  We recommend purchasing this before purchasing an African tortoise for sale. (baby spurred tortoise for sale)

baby Sulcata for sale

As the baby Sulcata tortoise grows the size of its habitat needs to be increased. Also, holes can be cut into the bottom of your tortoise table to allow for the sinking of food and water dishes, making them flush with the surface for easier animal access.

Use a water dish in the Sulcata tortoise habitat should be large enough to allow the tortoise to soak in, whilst remaining shallow enough to protect from drowning. For an adult African Spurred tortoise or baby Sulcata tortoise for sale, the indoor habitat should be at least 8 foot by 8 foot! An outdoor heated shed or greenhouse is sometimes a better option for a spurred tortoise for sale.


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